28-29 November 2018 Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles | France

International Exhibition for Fastener & Fixing Technology


  • Neverfriction®
    NEVERFRICTION® is an organic-mineral top-coat, useful to control the coefficient of friction for iron. It allows to obtain a very stable friction coefficient. NEVERFRICTION® ready to use or diluted, is mainly used in Dip & Spin processes and can be applied directly on iron as a top coat.
  • Lafre - Zinc Flakes
    LAFRE is the first innovative anti-rust finishing technology in the world, developed by combining our technologies, cultivated for over 40 years, where the basic concept is eco-friendly and high-level anti-corrosion performance with extremely thin coating.
  • HELIOS III fastener
    HELIOS III is a machinery able to detect hydrogen in metal parts, is connected to an electronic control and a dedicated PC for data elaboration and acquisition. The sample is heated (tmax = 500°c) and hydrogen is released! All peak profiles are displayed in real-time on pc. Thanks to the probe, able to detect gaseous hydrogen coming out from the sample, this apparatus can be employed according to ASTM WK47776.
    HELIOS II GALV is an electrochemical permeation test for metals, based on a solid-state-sensor for hydrogen measurements. HELIOS II GALV is connected to an electronic control and a dedicated PC for data elaboration and acquisition. The hydrogen activity of the galvanic bath is proportional to the signal acquired, which depends on the hydrogen flux through pure iron. Get reliable, precise and continuous measurement of hydrogen flux without any time limit. Completely automated instrument! APPLICATION
  • Ecolux Steel
    ECOLUX STEEL is a Zn/Ni process based on acid electrolyte with a nickel content of 10-16%. The deposits meets the automotive requirements and specifications for fasteners regarding nickel content and corrosion resistance. The process is economic, easy to handle both barrel and rack.
  • Tensile testing machine Type 115
    Testing machines of type 115 are used for tensile tests on bolts and threaded rods. Early detection of developing faults in materials or products is essential for the prevention of costly losses in manufacture and claims resulting from faulty products, which can include consequential damages. Besides friction coefficient and vibration testing of bolted connections, tensile testing on screws and bolts has always been part of their comprehensive quality inspection. According to ISO 898 Part 1, for example screw sizes of M30, strength class 10.9, can be stressed up to fracture using a force of 600 kN. For that, universal testing machines are used, that are adjusted to the particular application by special clamping tools and various devices for detecting the screw expansion during the experiment.
  • Friction testing machine Type 205
    Our friction testing machines, equipped with patented multi-component-sensors have entered the world market. All national and international standards, as well as every company standard specification will be respected. The measured and calculated forces, torques and angles are basics to show the friction coefficients at screws, bolts, nuts and components. Due to these information fixation parts can be used in that way, that an optimized and safe fixation is assured. The patented multi-component sensors allow measuring the strain occurring by tension force and torque inside the screw individually. They transmit the decoupled measurement values to the force sensor and to the torque sensors. Additionally, the necessary angle will be measured with a high resolution inside the machine.
  • Tensile testing machine Type 106
    With model series 106 TesT supplies a one-column testing machine for testing of raw materials (plastics, metals, woods...), other materials (paper, cardboard, textiles, foams, wires ...), food (fruits, vegetables, sweets, bakery products ...) and components (springs, hinges, levers, buttons ...). The machines of type 106 are controlled by the TesTController 850 and by TesTWinner®, the freely programmable software for test sequences, data acquisition and calculations. Test protocols are also freely editable. All testing machines by TesT will be supplied with a CE mark.
  • Special fasteners on drawing
    ZARRI produces 80% of items on drawing
    Manufacturing special parts under customer especifications
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